Day Habilitation Services & Programs

Support specifically tailored to each person

Person-centered opportunities are provided for meaningful and integrated recreational, leisure, social, and educational activities for individuals with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities. Our programs have a unique focus on socialization and integration in the community, enabling people to gain an increased level of independence while living their best lives.

Day Services

IAHD’s dedicated staff work creatively with each person to help make the goals and outcomes of the people we support a reality. Goals and outcomes are mainly focused in the areas of retaining, regaining or improving skill development, community inclusion, and wellness.

Individuals engage in a full range of activities:

  • Community Inclusion
  • Independent Life Skills Development
  • Social Enrichment
  • Advocacy
  • Education

Through the person-centered planning process, individuals are assisted to set and work towards their personal goals. Participants receive individualized supports to identify community participation goals, develop action plans, and make daily choices about the activities and interests they will pursue.

Volunteerism and recreational activities:

  • Learning about self-advocacy
  • Using public transportation
  • Developing relationships
  • Adult daily living skills
  • Community events

Individuals who attend the Day Hab for Seniors program spend time participating in activities and enjoying meals together, allowing them to develop friendships and engage is social conversation. Individuals enjoy an improved quality of life as they spend their days in a positive environment with nurturing staff. The day habilitation program for seniors provides access to a safe, engaging, social and supportive environment.

IAHD values the gifts that people have, and this gallery offers the people we support the chance to share their gifts and stories with visitors to the gallery. The program was developed so that individuals can share their art in featured exhibitions and integrated shows alongside talented artists from local communities in our gallery in the Bronx, the IAHD Dynamic Arts Gallery.  It encourages community involvement, and enriches the lives of all who partake in the experience. 

With every sale, half of the money made goes back into IAHD’s art program and the other half is given directly to the artist for personal use. Because of this, many of lAHD's artists have been able to sell their art for profit. 

Through the creative process, it is our hope that IAHD artists can find enjoyment when making art and identifying themselves as both an artist and as a member of their broader communities.

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The IAHD Champions is a self-advocacy group formed in 2019 made up of individuals participating in programs at IAHD, specifically at our Tarrytown location. Partnering with the Self-Advocacy Association of New York State (SANYS), founding members of this group took a course on grassroot self-advocacy. Eventually, in 2021, 12 people successfully completed and graduated from the SANYS course. The group adopted the name, ‘The IAHD Champions’ and developed their simple, yet powerful, tagline: together we're stronger.  

Things have not slowed down since their summer graduation from their introductory self-advocacy course in 2021. Self-advocacy has become a vital part of the culture of IAHD. More participants in our Tarrytown Day Program have joined the Champions as full-time members. They were even able to hold their first-ever elections for group officers. They have worked on various projects, including fundraising efforts for disability awareness, promoting voting throughout the building, and collecting donations for local migrant shelters. In late 2023, the IAHD Champions had the honor of being named the Self-Advocacy Group of the Year for the New York City/Westchester County region by SANYS.

Going forward, the advocates want to continue to work on campaigns focused on their rights and things they are passionate about. They also aim to pursue more community-based projects. Additionally, within the next year, the IAHD Champions will expand their advocacy initiatives by beginning a chapter at our Bainbridge Day Program. 

Ana's Story A Typical Day in the Life of an IAHD Participant