The IAHD Champions’ Summer 2023 Service Project in Collaboration with Westhab

In July and August, the IAHD Champions self-advocacy group ran a service project in collaboration with the organization, Westhab. With guidance from Westhab, the Champs held a drive at the Tarrytown Day Habilitation program for personal care and hygiene items to be donated to migrant families currently displaced in Yonkers at a former hotel now called ‘Plaza Esperanza’, or ‘A Place of Hope’. All members of the group participated in this project, from making and distributing flyers, to shopping for donations with group funds. View the gallery below to see Tyreek, Mary Ann, and Elizabeth bring and sort through the items they collected in Plaza Esperanza’s donation room on behalf of all of the members of the IAHD Champions.

Thank you to those members of the IAHD community who contributed to the drive, and well done to the IAHD Champions for their passion for this project and in having a positive impact in the community!