Love is in the Air at IAHD February 20, 2024

IAHD was filled with love last week as Valentine’s Day festivities were held throughout day habilitation programs and residences. Keep reading to hear about all the festivities!

Our three day programs– Bainbridge, Tarrytown, and St. Mary’s– all celebrated in their own ways.

💘 Things got crafty at Bainbridge leading up to the 14th, as the majority of individuals made Valentine’s cards to share with their special someone, friends, and IAHD staff. On the day itself, many people at Bainbridge came dressed in their favorite red and pink outfits. What a perfect way to show romantic and platonic love for the people you care about!

🌹Valentine’s celebrations were much more reserved at our Tarrytown program, but there was still a ton of fun to be had and love to be shared! On Wednesday, there was a small Valentine’s party for the people we support that was hosted by staff. There were snacks to eat there, like cupcakes and cookies, but IAHD staff expressed their love for their party guests by handing out goodie bags of brownies, themed cookies, and other sweet treats!

💌 Back in the Bronx, our St. Mary’s program did what they do best: threw a spectacularly themed party! The day was filled with tons of dancing, dessert, and simply spending time with one another. They couldn’t have asked for a better way to spend their Valentine’s Day!

IAHD programs in Tarrytown and the Bronx were not the only ones who had their Valentine’s Day fun. Some of our residences shared the love within their homes and now, with us all!

💋 In traditional Valentine’s Day fashion, our Leland IRA made and sent out digital cards of everyone in their home in shades of red. Whether they’re paper or online, valentines are always a delight to receive from friends and family!

🍫 Our Ryer residence held their own Valentine’s Day extravaganza. Everyone wore some combination of red and white, topping off their outfits with heart antennae headbands. Before finishing their evening with some vibrant and delicious candy heart cakes, some of the ladies of Ryer made sure to have a photo shoot in front of their magnificent Valentine’s Tree!

We hope everyone had a wonderful Valentine’s Day!

Xoxo, IAHD

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