The IAHD Champions Together We’re Stronger

The IAHD Champions is a self-advocacy group formed in 2019 made up of individuals participating in programs at IAHD, specifically at our Tarrytown location. Partnering with the Self-Advocacy Association of New York State (SANYS), founding members of this group took a course on grassroot self-advocacy. Eventually, in 2021, 12 people successfully completed and graduated from the SANYS course. The group adopted the name, ‘The IAHD Champions’ and developed their simple, yet powerful, tagline: together we're stronger.

Going forward, the advocates want to continue to work on campaigns focused on their rights and things they are passionate about. They also aim to pursue more community-based projects. Additionally, within the next year, the IAHD Champions will expand their advocacy initiatives by beginning a chapter at our Bainbridge Day Program.

Champions News

July 22 @ 5:14 pm

Rallying for Rights in Albany

At the beginning of April, IAHD Tarrytown staff and some of our Champions took a trip up to Albany to…

July 22 @ 5:14 pm

A World of Possibilities

March is Developmental Disabilities Awareness Month. As a part of their celebration of this month and this year’s theme, ‘A…


Meet The Champions Team

IAHD Champion Hector

Hector President

IAHD Champion Jodi

Jodi Secretary & Board Member

IAHD Champion Michael

Michael Treasurer

IAHD Champion Elizabeth

Elizabeth Vice President

IAHD Champion Tyreek


IAHD Champion Tommy


IAHD Champion Rima


IAHD Champion Mary Ann

Mary Ann

IAHD Champion John


IAHD Champion James


IAHD Champion Danny


IAHD Champion Ana


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