IAHD Receives Grant from ArtsWestchester

Hudson River Mural

Ann Ladd, Artist in Residence, Assists IAHD Artists to Create a Colorful Mural of the Hudson River Vicinity

When ArtsWestchester notified IAHD it had received an award to participate in the Artist in Residence program, they provided a list of artists who participate in this program. Each artist had a wonderful biography, but we made our selection and reached out to Ann Ladd, because of her expertise in working with individuals in similar settings, as well as her talent for making collages and murals of different textures. That description sounded as though it would fit the interests of the people who attend IAHD’s Tarrytown Day Program.

When Ms. Ladd arrived, we knew immediately that we had selected the perfect artist. She was energetic, enthusiastic and full of creative ideas. We brainstormed themes, and together, we developed the idea of creating a mural that would relate to our location in a Hudson River town. The mural presented an excellent opportunity for people to work collaboratively on a project while also allowing for individualized expression. Those who participated had opportunities to experiment with different types of paints and brushes and to try many of the other techniques Ann showed them as they painted fish, boats and all things related to life near the Hudson. The colorful mural is on display at IAHD, and we invite all to stop off and see it. Rightly so, it is a huge source of pride for everyone who participated, and we thank ArtsWestchester and Ann Ladd for providing us with this opportunity.