IAHD Gets Festive! December 30, 2023

December was a busy month here at IAHD. Check out all the festive fun we had in our day programs and residence homes!

🐧 “A Christmas Carol” at the Concordia Conservatory

A large group from some of our residences took a trip to the Concordia Conservatory to watch their rendition of a classic Christmas tale. You can read more about it here!

🎄 St. Mary’s Holiday Bingo and Pajama Party

This was a perfect way to start off the holiday season. With a party like this, the only Grinch in sight was a part of the decorations!

☃️ St. Mary’s Hot Chocolate Bar

This turned out to be such a successful wintertime activity that St. Mary’s continued it throughout the month of December!

🤶 St. Mary’s Ugly Sweater Competition

Even though there was an ugly holiday sweater competition happening this day, everyone ended up a winner when Mrs. Claus made a surprise appearance!

🎁 A Visit from the Harrison PBA

IAHD Tarrytown was visited by Santa and members of the Harrison PBA. Read more about it here!

🦌 Collaborative Tarrytown and Bainbridge Holiday Sing Along

Individuals from our Bainbridge Day Program headed north to our Tarrytown location to be a part of a festive sing along with live music from the Kiamie family. Head on over to this article to read about this day and watch a compilation video of the fun!

🎅 Holiday Sweater and Pajama Day at Tarrytown

Excitement for Christmas was in the air at Tarrytown! On December 21, the IAHD Champions threw a Holiday Pajama Lunch and Party. The following day, everyone in the building wore their best holiday sweaters.

❄️ Merry Christmas from Team Ryer

IAHD’s celebrations continued even when the day programs were temporarily closed for the holidays. Those residing in our Ryer house had an exciting Christmas morning filled with music and gifts!

Happy Holidays to all!

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