A Message from IAHD’s CEO:

NY Gov. Cuomo giving thanks to Direct Service Workers

We are grateful to Governor Cuomo for acknowledging and thanking Direct Support Professionals. We owe them a debt of gratitude for their commitment every day.

They are not only contending with people who are ill, they have to work those people who do not understand the concept of social distancing or the importance of washing their hands and not touching their face. They must help people who want to go to their usual hair appointment or movie night or out to dinner understand why it’s not possible and then deal with the aftermath of those who present with behavioral challenges.

I appreciate them more than they will ever know and I salute them today and everyday! THANK YOU, Governor Cuomo, for remembering those unsung heroes who are also on the front lines!

Some heroes wear capes,
Some wear masks.

Omayra Andino