Why Give?

What brings joy to your life?

Maybe it’s a special hobby such as painting or playing an instrument. A passion for travel. The pleasure of reading.

Although we can get by with the basic necessities – food, water, clothing, shelter – having the ability to pursue what gives us enjoyment is a vital part of living a fulfilled life. A life worth living.

You may not be aware that the funding we receive from government sources is allowed to cover only the very basic needs of IAHD’s residents and day program participants. Anything extra – art and music programs, cooking lessons, day trips and even an occasional visit to an elderly parent is funded through the generosity of our donors.

Your donation whether small or large will go a long way toward helping the individuals we support enjoy a creative activity, a skill-building class, a day away or a rare visit to a loved one. Thank you!

Michael Vecchio
StAnn's Park Biking