IAHD Strategic Plan February 17, 2021

Celebrating 65 years of successes and with the mindset of strengthening and continued growth, The Institutes of Applied Human Dynamics (IAHD) has invested in a strategic plan. Strategic planning is the ongoing organizational process of using available knowledge to document an organization’s intended direction. This process is used to prioritize efforts, effectively allocate resources, align shareholders and employees on the organization’s goals, and ensure those goals are backed by data and sound reasoning.

Together with professional consulting, all IAHD stakeholders worked collectively for eight months. IAHD stakeholders include all IAHD staff, IAHD Board of Directors and families of those IAHD supports. We set overall goals and developed a succession plan to bring IAHD strongly into the future. As a group we stepped back from day-to-day operations and asked where IAHD is headed and what its priorities should be.


Develop new and existing partnerships to provide more robust and innovative programming and increase revenue streams.

Goal 2: ALIGN

Align IAHD’s Guiding Principles with the IAHD mission by listening and responding to IAHD stakeholders’ needs, communicating expectations and results, and collaborating to evolve the work of IAHD.


Develop IAHD staff members in a way that allows each person to grow in their career and support IAHD’s mission and Guiding Principles

Goal 4: BUILD

Build on existing wins to grow into an organization that is fully resourced and prepared for the future.

This 5-year strategic plan ensures IAHD’s commitment to enriching the lives of the people we support, structuring the organization for the future, creating a strong communicative environment for IAHD staff to grow and enables IAHD to solidify the future of continuing to provide the utmost critical innovative programs for those we support.

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