2021 Corporate Recognition Awards

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The Change Makers

This year, IAHD has re-imagined the annual Richard P. Biondi Corporate Breakfast as an ONLINE CAMPAIGN to honor the CHANGE MAKERS.

IAHD honors those who are trail-blazing positive change in our communities of people with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities (I/DD),
their families and beyond.


WELCOME TO IAHD, The Institutes of Applied Human Dynamics, Inc.

GREETINGS from the Board of Directors, Matthew Kiamie, ChairpersonMatt Kiamie Headshot

It’s been a long year, but a very successful one in restoring services and programs to IAHD’s individuals and families thanks to resilient staff, dedicated leadership, and a committed board.  IAHD is stronger and closer knit than ever.  We are very proud to report 91% of revenue goes directly to programs and furthering initiatives.

The IAHD mission will always be about embracing others and enriching lives by listening to each person, celebrating their individual qualities and strengths so that each person is empowered in their own life’s journey.

IAHD is honored to recognize the CHANGE MAKERS, Dr. Beth Mount, Ph.D., Joseph Macbeth, and M&M Cleaning Services with the online 33rd Annual Richard P. Biondi Corporate Recognition Awards Campaign.  IAHD acknowledges these honorees for their individual impacts made to improve our community.

Now more than ever IAHD needs your support as we transition past COVID.  As we continue to grow and strengthen the IAHD community there are still immediate challenges ahead with staffing, transportation, enrollment, and forthcoming new regulations. We invite you to help us.  YOU CAN MAKE A POSITIVE CHANGE.  The best form of giving is in helping others and every contribution improves lives.  Thank you for your generosity and kindness.

God Bless, Matthew Kiamie

Omayra Andino headshot

GREETINGS from the Chief Executive Officer, Omayra Andino

Welcome to IAHD’s Corporate Recognition Awards Re-Imagined Online Campaign! I am so excited to honor those who’ve made such a difference in the lives of others. This year we honor our CHANGE MAKERS:

Dr. Beth Mount is a civil rights activist who has worked tirelessly for decades fighting for people with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities to be seen and heard. She is a pioneer in our industry and has paved the way to helping people find and use their own voice.

Joe Macbeth continues to advocate for those on the front lines who give so much every day; Direct Support Professionals (DSPs). He and his team at The National Alliance for Direct Support Professionals (NADSP) have been promoting and elevating the status of DSPs as the professionals they are.

IAHD is so grateful to M&M Cleaning Services for their steadfast commitment demonstrated throughout COVID. M&M understood how critical their services were to keeping people safe and they delivered!

These honorees are trailblazers and they are making a difference each and every day. I am truly moved by the impact they are having in our communities and beyond and I salute them!

Omayra Andino, CEO

Our Mission

We are committed to positively impacting the lives of people with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities (I/DD) and their families. Our focus is to understand and respect each person's unique strengths, qualities and dreams finding ways to support building fulfilled lives.

Our Impact

IAHD has been accredited by the Council on Quality and Leadership (CQL) since 2019 for upholding the highest levels of excellence and for demonstrating an investment in improving the quality of services and the quality of life for people receiving those supports and service.

IAHD’s group of Self Advocates joined together exercising their rights as citizens as well as advocating for themselves and others. Sending the message that Together we are stronger, everyone's voice is important.

DSP and Individual
SANYS-U graduates

About the Campaign

This year, the 33rd Annual Richard P. Biondi Recognition Awards Event is moving from in person to online.
Richard Biondi was one of IAHD’s greatest supporters for more than three decades and we are honored to celebrate his legacy through this online campaign.

This years Annual Awards is a celebration of people and organizations that have contributed to supporting individuals with I/DD, their families, the professionals who support them, and the communities we live in.

Richard Biondi headshot

My father, Richard Biondi, always saw the best in people and wanted to do what he could to help them live meaningful lives.

  - Richard Biondi, Jr.

Richard Biondi Jr. headshot

Embracing Families, Enriching Lives

For nearly 65 years, IAHD has delivered supports and services to people with I/DD and their families in the Bronx and Westchester counties.

We provide a lifetime of person-centric supports that are culturally sensitive and flexibly designed for individuals with different needs and goals, varied lifestyles, and family dynamics.

IAHD believes in partnering with families through training and advocacy in active family groups and encouraging family participation in their loved one’s journey.

IAHD understands the importance of family and maintains a 51% family representation on the Board of Directors.

Photo of man holding up his artwork
Individual-DSP smiling

IAHD 2021 Change Maker Award Honorees

IAHD Making a Difference in People's Lives

IAHD honors everyone's unique qualities and strengths.

We continually strive to empower each person in their life’s journey.

The focus of IAHD is to support people with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities in creating and building a fulfilling life based on their hopes, dreams, and aspirations.

IAHD has had a huge impact on my family, especially my sister Debra who resides at one of the group homes. My family and I couldn’t be Happier.

  - Laura K.

Interested in Knowing More About How We Support People?

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Artist Fausto Vizcaino holding a painting

Getting Started With IAHD

Navigating services for, or as a person with intellectual and developmental disabilities can be overwhelming and stressful – let the IAHD Family and Innovative Supports team help guide you to obtain the supports that will allow you or a loved one live a full, rich and dynamic life.

IAHD supports individuals and the community

IAHD has been CQL Accredited for three consecutive years since 2019.

More than
individuals are supported by IAHD
More than
individuals participate in IAHD Programs
IAHD has
residences in Westchester and the Bronx
More than
individuals reside in IAHD homes


These incredible individuals are truly the heart AND the backbone of IAHD.
We are grateful for their dedication, compassionate support and for their genuine best which they give every day to the people they support and their colleagues.


IAHD’s Partnerships, Acknowledgements & Achievements

Thank You to Our Partners

Saori Arts

Saori Arts NYC logo


ArtsWestchester logo

Westchester Library System

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Self-Advocacy Assoc. of NYS

Daniel's Music Foundation


We are Grateful for These Acknowledgements and More…

January 2021
- IAHD Artist, Michael Vecchio is featured in Covid-19 documentary “Isolation Nation”

April 2021
- Walk for Autism Awareness - Autism Awareness Month
- “The Inheritance” – Inclusive Art Show of Candace & Winston Pine

June 2021
- IAHD’s Self-Advocate Group, The IAHD Champions, graduate from SANYS-UNIVERSITY

August 2021
- “Creativity Takes Courage” – Interactive Mural Arts with Bronx Artist Lady K

September 2021
- CQL feature on IAHD’s “Mandatory Fun Series” to kick-off 2021 DSP Appreciation Week

October 2021
- Walk for Breast Cancer Awareness - Breast Cancer Awareness Month

We Are Proud of our Achievements and Continue to Strive for Excellence

IAHD receives 3rd consecutive year of CQL accreditation since 2019

Recipient of the Ann T. Hardiman Foundation Grant

IAHD’s first self-advocacy group, The “IAHD Champions” were invited to present at the SANYS NYC-Westchester Regional Conference

Collaboration with Saori Arts NYC to present “The Arts Shall Save Us All” during the New York Alliance for Inclusion & Innovation’s 2021 Conference

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Stephen Beyer
Gross & Co. Insurance
M&M Cleaning Services, LLC
Michael & Carol Reynolds
Grassi Advisors and Accountants

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Smith & Krantz, LLP
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IAHD's Organization

Board of Directors

Matthew Kiamie, Chairman
Jeffrey Winik, Vice Chairman
Padraic Reynolds, Treasurer
Patricia Schuckle, Secretary
Michael Agovino
Mary Bonsignore (d.2020)

John Carpenter
Iris Coleman
Jeffrey DiNapoli
Doris Figueroa
Elaine Jones
Paul H. Kim, MD
Jeremy Krantz

Mike Reynolds
Howard Rosenzweig
Mary K. St. Mark, fmr. Chairperson
Anna Mae Vener
Michael Winik
Gloria Womack

Senior Management

Omayra Andino, Chief Executive Officer
Mary Grace Giuliano, Chief Operating Officer
Elizabeth Matthews, Chief Quality Enhancement Officer
Mike Mazzocco, Chief Financial Officer
Gabi Opazo, Chief Innovation Officer
Paulette Mapp, Director, Residential Services, Southern Division

Erin McSorley, Director, Adult Day Services
Natalie Morgan-Williams, Director, Residential Services,
Northern Division
Anil Nand, Director, Facilities Management
Juan Pena, Director, Information Technology
Erica Robinson, Director, Clinical Supports
Vincent St. Mark, Director, Workforce Development

Leadership Committee

Omayra Andino
Adam Agovino
Sal Alesci
Richard Biondi, Jr.
Lisa Dente
Joseph DiGuglielmo
Ben Exias
Glen Fernandez
Aleida Frederico

Frank Fauci
Joe Gallitto
Joanne Hasko
Steve Katz
Matthew Kiamie
Phillip Kiamie, Jr.
Rocco Limitone
Debra Lupardo
Steve Moroney
Suzanne Nolan

Tom Olin
Jeff Nyikos
Mike Reynolds
Padraic Reynolds
Howie Rosenzweig
Anthony Ruiz
Mary K. St. Mark
David Trister
Marvin Vasquez

2021 Corporate Awards Campaign Committee

Omayra Andino
Adam Agovino
Richard Biondi, Jr.
Joseph DiGuglielmo

Joanne Hasko
Matthew Kiamie
Amy King
Suzanne Nolan

Our Locations & Contact Information

Administrative Offices and
Day Habilitation

32 Warren Avenue
Tarrytown, NY 10591
(914) 220-4300

Bainbridge Day Habilitation and Offices

3625 Bainbridge Avenue
Bronx, NY 10467
(718) 920-0800

St. Mary’s Day Habilitation and Offices

2213 East Tremont Avenue
Bronx, NY 10462
(718) 683-3775

Dynamic Arts

770 Castle Hill Avenue
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