Social Services

Qualified personnel are available to help people receive Medicaid Service Coordination services to negotiate the process of intake, admissions, entitlements and other Social Service functions.

IAHD recognizes that people might need assistance to negotiate the world of waivers, benefits and entitlements, and our Social Service program is available to help families obtain all the services that they need to support their family member.  IAHD has trained Medicaid Service Coordinators who work with individuals to ensure that their needs are met.  These Medicaid Service Coordinators help families obtain services, programs, respite, benefits and other needs that the families might have.  IAHD’s Social Services Department can help guide people on issues such as guardianship, health care proxies, Medicaid Part D questions and many other issues.

IAHD’s Social Service Department works diligently to help ensure that people with intellectual and developmental disabilities find the appropriate placement or program.  The department works proactively with families and students graduating from school programs who need to learn about the adult service delivery system.  IAHD guides these people to help them apply for waiver and to help them find appropriate programs.  IAHD’s outreach program works with families, as well as government and other agencies, to help ensure that individuals with developmental disabilities are able to find the services and supports they need.