Residential Services

IAHD offers children and adults options for residential living within the community with a range of supports designed to teach them to become more independent at home.  IAHD’s apartments and homes are located located throughout the Bronx and Westchester.

The following is a listing of the Residential locations operated by IAHD.

Residential Services Offices – Southern Division
3625 Bainbridge Avenue Bronx NY 10467         ( 718) 920-0862

Residences Located At:
Benedict Ave.  •   Nereid Ave.  •   Black Rock Ave.  •   Ryer Ave.  •   Burke Ave.  •   Van Cortlandt Ave.  •   East Tremont Ave.  •    West 184 St.  •    Leland Ave.  •    West 197 St.    •    Lawton Ave.

Residential Services Offices – Northern Division
32 Warren Avenue      (914) 220-4383

Residences Located At:
Mt. Green Rd, Croton  •   Stacey Court, Peekskill  •   Nob Hill, Elmsford  •   Oakridge Road, Pleasantville  •   Green Lane, Bedford Hills   •   White Plains Rd., Sleepy Hollow  •   Armonk Ave., Yonkers  •   Warwick Ave., Mount Vernon  •    Croton Lake Rd., Yorktown Heights

Within its Residential Department, IAHD provides accommodations for individuals who need significant supports to fulfill daily living activities, while also providing less restrictive opportunities for individuals who need less support and who can do many tasks on their own.  IAHD operates a variety of living opportunities including Intermediate Care Facilities (ICFs), Individualized Residential Alternatives (IRAs), Community Residences (CRs) and Supervised and Supportive Living Arrangements.  Our clinical service department which includes registered nurses, licensed speech pathologists, nutritionists and psychologists provide oversight and recommendations to ensure that each individual’s needs are met.  IAHD operates houses for children and adults and is committed to providing homes for people even as they age and their needs change.