Adult Day Programs

IAHD provides a variety of  Habilitative Services, including Day Habilitation and Pre-Vocational Programs.  Individuals are supported to learn the skills and to receive the supports needed to pursue personal interests and aspirations.    

IAHD offers several options for Day Habilitation programming, but all are designed to accommodate the individual needs and preferences of the people who are enrolled in our program.  In fact, person centered planning is so central to our operation that we considered the wants and preferences of our participants in designing the programs and the activities offered to people.  Our Day Habilitation programs offer choices of curriculum activities, and centers have been designed to define these choices.  Art studios, music centers, computer and communication rooms and fitness centers are amongst some of the activities that are offered. Blended Pre-Vocational Day Habilitation programs offer individuals training in a variety of vocationally oriented tasks.  The Day Habilitation without Walls programs allow individuals to fully experience opportunities in the community that reflect their  person centered preferences, while training them to meet their valued outcomes and help them move closer towards self-actualization.  The “Without Walls” concept puts learning in the natural environments of all the rich resources the NYC environment has to offer.

IAHD also offers a “Work Readiness” program which provides opportunities for people to work in supervised settings and to earn a small stipend.  Our own buildings, as well as other community locations, provide opportunities for individuals to learn cleaning and  maintenance skills, photocopying, kitchen assistance and other valued work skills.

Vibrant Self-Advocacy programs have formed in all of our day program centers. These Self-Advocates have formed a basketball team and play competitively.  They volunteer in area hospitals, participate in leadership conferences and are constantly seeking new opportunities for themselves and the people whom they represent.

Clinical services, including speech, nutritional, psychological, medical and nursing oversight, are available in all of our day programs.

Programs are located at:
3625 Bainbridge Avenue         Bronx, New York 10467                 (718) 920-0811
1680 Southern Boulevard       Bronx, New York 10460                 (718) 994-3300
32 Warren Avenue                     Tarrytown, NY, 10591                     (914) 220-4300