Our Goals

shoppingIAHD has developed these goals to ensure that its current programs and services correspond to the mission statement. These goals will also assist IAHD to strategically plan for future growth and development. Central to the development of these goals is IAHD’s commitment to providing responsive and progressive assistance for individuals who come to IAHD for support.

  • Enhance the lives of people with disabilities so that they can lead meaningful lives and achieve their maximum potentials
  • Assist individuals and families to obtain the supports needed to have quality lifestyles
  • Provide environments that promote opportunities for individualized choice and self-actualization
  • Provide a variety of programs and opportunities to meet the varied needs of people even as their needs change throughout their lives
  • Establish IAHD’s presence within the community as a resource for all of our neighbors and as an advocate for those who need support to enjoy life within their own community

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