IAHD exists to provide services to individuals with development disabilities. The agency is committed to providing opportunities for self-actualization and growth regardless of the extent of the disability.

Our mission is to provide creative and responsive programs and services for the purpose of promoting optimal function and slowing regression. We are fully committed to ensuring that the individuals we support have opportunities to experience inclusion and integration in the community in which they live, learn and work. We are also fully committed to providing supports to individuals and families to help them achieve a quality of life in a preferred environment that reflects their choices and preferences and their rights to self-determination.

The core value of our mission and the work that we do is that all life is sacred and that every human being has the potential for growth. We believe that each person, regardless of level of ability or disability, is entitled to the same dignity, respect and opportunities as other members of society. It is with this spirit that we continue to advocate for people in need of our services and special care.