Community Participation

From volunteer opportunities to community memberships to neighborhood events, IAHD’s presence within the community is proactive and positive.

Community participation is an important part of all programs that IAHD offers. IAHD practices person centered planning, and individuals who attend our programs and seek community experiences are supported to reach their goals. IAHD believes that individuals can lead more fulfilling lives when they are assisted to interact with people who do not have disabilities, when each day offers them different and interesting experiences and when they find meaning in the activities they join. On a daily basis, individuals who attend the IAHD program are shopping at community stores or retail warehouses, are participating in programs offered by the parks department and community centers, are using memberships at gyms and cultural locations and are participating in a wide range of sports activities and league play.

We subscribe to the belief that individuals can accomplish goals of self-actualization by experiencing the inherent benefits of helping others. People who attend the IAHD program volunteer regularly at the library, laundromat and soup kitchen. The success of our efforts have been repeatedly validated with phone calls from community members thanking us and asking us for our continued assistance. Our attempts to increase social consciousness and positive citizenship have created opportunities for many individuals to express their interests in helping others. IAHD Self-Advocates raised money for Hurricane Katrina relief, conducted voter registration drives and are currently involved in a project to help our country’s veterans.

IAHD is a proud member of all the communities where we are located. From Peekskill to Yonkers to the Bronx and all the neighborhoods in between, individuals supported by IAHD are now seamlessly participating in community life. As a result, IAHD believes that their lives, as well as the lives of the people in the community with whom we are interfacing, are richer and more meaningful.